Providing consultancy services specialising in training and safety in the high risk forestry industry.

TTT provides consultancy services specialising in training and safety in the high risk forestry industry. The ‘flagship’ is its Safety Management Plans (SMP) that will provide the foundation for successful safety management in any sized organisation or business.

TTT also provides risk assessments, hazard inspections, job safety analysis, traffic management plans, conducts accident/incident investigations, ‘general’ safety audits and ‘specific’ safety related audits including upgrades and re-assessments of high risk competencies like manual tree felling.

Safety Management Plans

Every organisation is required to develop a Safety Management Plan to control the hazards in their workplace business. The implementation of an effective Safety Management Plan will help your organisation manage its safety obligations while ensuring your workplace and company is safe and healthy. TTT will develop a Safety Management Plan tailored to your business needs and assist in ensuring the behaviour of management and workers reflects the Safety Management Plan. Effective Safety Management Systems require ongoing measurement and evaluation and TTT can provide regular audits, inspections and reports demonstrating that your organisation is meeting its legal and contractual Occupational Safety and Health obligations. This ‘evidence’ is often a pre-requisite requirement in a contract tender process and a requirement of contracts. The Safety Management Plan and associated processes will provide the foundation for successful risk management and safety management. It can be developed and expanded to meet growing and changing business needs.


An audit is an activity aimed at verifying that the system, procedures or process complies with the relevant requirements. Audits can be either a systems audit which verifies the effectiveness of the overall quality system, or a compliance audit which verifies the procedures that are in place are being complied with. Audits can be internal or external. In both cases audits should be undertaken by a person who is not directly associated with the project, but who has appropriate qualifications and experience, and it should be in a formal, structured manner.

Accident/Incident Investigations

Incident investigations are one of the most important tools that organisations have to understand the effectiveness of their health and safety management systems. The investigation of minor incidents and ‘near misses’ provide invaluable opportunities to improve safety management without the trauma of a catastrophic workplace incident. TTT will provide proper ‘independent’ investigations that will reveal any deficiencies in systems and/or behaviour of the people involved. The real inherent causes will be discovered and procedures or changes will be recommended to minimise it happening again. Bill Towie has been engaged by WorkSafe WA (as an industry expert) to assist them with accident investigations during his time in Government Forestry.

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