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Bill Towie

Bill Towie completed a cadetship with the Forests Department in 1975/76 and worked as an operations Forester with the Forests Department for eight years (1975 – 83), then over 17 years with the Department of Conservation and Land Management or CALM (1983 – 2000) and finally as a Senior Forester in safety and training with the Forests Products Commission (2000 – 2010). His qualifications and 35 years of experience in Forestry and Land Management make him well sought after.

Bill is a member of the Institute of Foresters of Australia (IFA) and an active member of the Australian Timber Trainers Association (ATTA) since 1993 and a Director since 2003. Bill has been involved in numerous state and national committees to do with the development and reviews of the Forests and Forests Products Industry national training packages (FPI99, FPI05 and FPI11), Safety Codes (Western Australia’s Safety and Health code – native forests/hardwoods and plantation logging) and national industry guidance materials including the Chainsaw Operator’s Manual (2009) and the Tree Felling Manual (2011). Bill is always willing to share his knowledge with other practitioners and prospective clients.


Bill has been recognised for outstanding services to the Western Australian Forestry and Timber Industry through the following awards:

  • Certificate in Stewardship to Forests in Western Australia – Minister for Forests (1999)
  • National Medal for Service –Fire (1997)
  • Forest Industry Federation of Western Australia (FIFWA) awards – Excellence in Forest Management (2002)
  • Forest Products Commission – Chairman’s Award for Outstanding Service in Safety and Training (2006)
  • Winner of Western Australia’s WorkSafe Award – “ best individual contribution to health and safety” (2007)
  • Finalist in National WorkSafe Awards – “best individual contribution to health and safety” (2007)


Bill has the following relevant qualifications to add to his 40 years of experience in Forestry operations: 

  • Certificate in Forestry (1976)
  • National Medal for Service –Fire (1997)
  • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment – TAA40104 (2009)
  • Certificate IV in Occupational Health and Safety – BSB4107 (2010)
  • Diploma in Forests and Forests Products – FPI50105 (2008)
  • Diploma of Management – BSB51107 (2010)
  • Diploma in Workplace Occupational Health and Safety – BSB51307 (2011)

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